Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

  • When pasting text into the WIN step, you can use CTRL-SHIFT-V (rather than standard CTRL-V) to strip all colours and formatting.
  • The WIN job step image editor now supports additional edits for stamping a number, cropping of images and selection of colour, line width and font size.
  •  A new limit type added to the job step for image. Selecting this will request the end user of the app to take a photo as part of completing the job step.
  • More statistics shown on the main OnPlan dashboard page (added “Assets” and “Sites” tiles at top).
  • General BOM screen improvements.
  • No longer adds a Procedure twice on the WIN page Procedures tab.

Mobile App Features

  • The selection of a limit type of Image in builder puts an prompt to take an photo on the app.