Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

  • Document Import asset list drop down has a searchable field.
  • URL file links can now be added to procedures in the Admin>Procedures area. Select and click edit to update any existing procedures.
     Linked document can be opened from within the WIN>Procedures tab and if using the mobile app from the DOCS screen.
  • Increase file upload size to 50MB (from 25MB)
  • Stop ability for users to have zero permissions (defaulting for new is set to “Standard User”). No permissions will prevent a user from doing anything.
  • Unfindable job operation when removed from main WIN list (when searched on job operations panel after removed off the WIN)
  • Ability to edit tasks from Customer Tasks tab
  • Audit logging across all OnPlan
  • Allow Data Admin screens with images to let the user paste a URL for it in editor or upload a file instead.
  • Performance improvement when creating/deleting job operations on WIN page.
  • General performance improvement for search queries with a 10x improvement for very large results.


Mobile App Features

  • Work Order editing moved from mobile app to the OnPlan Work Order list.
  • OnPlan Work Order Dashboard refresh rate improved.
  • Improved navigation in mobile app for Android and Apple devices.
  • File links on Mobile App>DOCS screen are now a clickable/downloadable file link.
  • GPS coordinates being stored with each work order step to know the location of where a job step was completed.  Additional reporting capabilities in future enhancements.
  • Photo mark-ups available on the mobile app.
  • Add a Photo to a basic work order job step
  • Ability to undo work on New-status crack.
  • Add ‘No recorded steps’ text for steps without limit data to collect, on reports
  • Crack defect length field can only be a positive number.
  • Camera zooming improved for taking images.
  • Hide keyboard solution applied to improve end user experience.