Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

New features for builder include:

  • For admin users, the Audit Log help guide has been added for information on using the new auditing screen.
  • Add delete button to Assets -> Sites -> Tasks  Tab to disconnect a WIN/task from an asset.
  • Permits can now have a URL or file attached as per Procedures. 
  • Add "Copy link address" and "Copy image" when right-clicking on a WIN step image. Paste function already existed. Use CTRL+V on the keyboard to paste and image in the WIN step image area.
  • Hazards are managed on the WIN in two different ways. 
    • Hazards added to the WIN job step are dynamically auto added WIN Header Hazards tab). See below the Found on Operations column displays the operation title for the job step(s) that the hazard has been assigned to. Multiple Operations will be shown if on more than one operation.
    • Additional hazards can be added by clicking to add the "supplemental" hazards to the top of the list. See below the Found on Operations column displays no value for hazards added this way.

NOTE: Additional or Supplemental hazards are generally related to the accessing the asset or area or could be based on process fluids or atmospheres.

Krackon and Mobile App Features

New features for Krackon and Mobile include:
  • Add a star rating feedback form to end of a work order on the app to provide feedback for improvement. Future enhancements will see the feedback being visible from the WIN task to assist with improvement opportunities of task content.
  • Permits can be viewed in the DOCS tab in the mobile app. The permits can have a URL or linked document if set up in Builder.
  • Added Site field to the Add Work Order form to link a work order to a specific site and filter the list of assets available.  The form has been reordered to provide a better workflow as below.


  • Mobile app work order screen updated to display the progress as an icon. See legend below. 

Not Started
In Progress

NOTE: Tap to sort the list.