Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

New features for builder include:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+V on the keyboard will paste text as plain text to a job step and remove all formatting. 
  • Minor language tweaks on a few screens to provide more consistency. Documents will be referred to as TASK WINs across all screens.


  • It’s now a lot easier to see where else an Operation on your WIN is being used. The number next to the lock toggle is now clickable.

See View a where used list for a WIN Operation for more info.

  • “Fixed Plant” Tasks are now allowed to have duplicate names and are not blocked.

Red Penning of WINs is now available.

Task WIN documents can now be marked up electronically. Red pens allows a task owner or reviewer to make comments at a per job step level for a task author to action. The red penning is completed in the preview page which displays all the content within a WIN Task.  More info....

The red pen mark up comment can easily be seen and approved or rejected with comments. More info....

Comments are easily displayed from the previewer screen. More info.....

Comments are also displayed in the WIN chat log. See Using the WIN Chat.

Krackon and Mobile App Features

New features for Krackon and Mobile include:
  • The Work Order Dashboard now displays Stop and hazards.


  • Hazards are now displayed in the app when doing a Work order.

  • The Docs tab on the app will now display Procedures and permits