Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

  • The Bulk Modifier has been renamed to Search & Replace with additional features added to include task names and limits (tables). See Using the Search & Replace for more information.

TIP: Great for finding any information contained in any WIN task document.

  • Export CSV on Asset>Task WIN List page updated to include more strategy editor fields
  • Webhooks are now available to call third party systems information or to push data externally based on different events (Task Approved, work order complete, etc.) Ask you OnPlan representative for more information.
  • Data Admin menu has been reorganized to group FMECA table administration together and simplify the menu.

  • Standard users have been disabled from saving a limit table as a template. Review your user profiles if this impacts your current users.
    NOTE: The profile for Data Admin can be assigned to higher level users that need to create and manage the administrative data.
  • BOM screen upgrades – ability to merge part references in, on top of existing ignoring / replacing functionality.

Krackon and Mobile App Features

New features for Krackon and Mobile include:
  • New “web server” for Krackon to further enhance security.