Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. The feature updates include 

OnPlan Builder Features

  • A new search feature has been added to the title bar.  See Builder Main Search for more information. The search is available on all Builder screens and will search for 
    • Task Names
    • Operations
    • Step Instructions
    • Assets

Click  on any screen to run a search.

  • A language mapping table has been created to allow customers to have their own terminology for Builder field names through to mobile device screen names. This table is extendable to any language with the default language to display being selected for each user. Ask your OnPlan support representative for more information.
  • Limits 2.0 has been released. The current limits have been overhauled to how they work under the hood. The main reason for the overhaul is to provide better reporting when when executing work orders on the app.  The same functionality is available with the addition of
    • Reusable limits - each limit added now has an ID assigned. The ID can be searched and added to any other job step on any Task WIN.
      i.e. create a value limit for SMU Hours, as below limit 503 is searchable and selectable across any Task WIN.
      If values are recorded across multiple assets when completing work orders on the device, then these results can be reported on and compared.

    • A photo limit is now available when adding a table.
    • A text box limit has been added to provide entry of free text on the app. Doesn't force entering text on the app.
  • For customers who output MS Word documents, a few new features have been added to the Task WIN List screen
    • a Docx Last Built column has been added to provide feedback on when a document was last output.
    • a  button has been added to select all visible WIN's to bulk output. A list can be filtered then the select all button used to select those WIN's to be output.
  • Task WIN's can now be marked for archive instead of deleting. From the library, select the model and list of tasks. Edit the task and select the Archive checkbox. A toggle has been added to not show archived tasks.

Krackon and Mobile App Features

Krackon and Mobile App have received a facelift with a new look and feel. The update is to improve navigation for the end user and to allow for new features to be added to improve the execution of work via the app. When starting a job there is a new Work Instruction Lobby screen.

New Work Instruction Lobby screen

When starting a Work Order, the end user is now presented with a lobby screen so the job can be reviewed prior to executing the work. The lobby screen provides for review of

  • Weather – Local weather conditions are displayed
  • PPE  PPE requirements for the job
  • Hazard and Control Review – A list of hazards and controls
  • Review Job Steps - A scrollable list of all the job steps
  • Crew - Review and amend the crew assigned
  • Tools - Review the list of tools required.
  • Document - Review the list of documents/permits required for the job. Open the document if a URL was added.

New Work Order List screen

Navigation to Notifications/Defects list is now on the left hand side of the app.

New Work Order screen

Navigation to results recorded, hazards, crew, tools/equipment, documents/permits and notifications/defects is on the left hand side.  The notification/defect icon will now display the number of items raised for this work order.