Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. Updates include 

OnPlan Builder Features

User List screen now shows the last data and time a user made a change in the system. Useful for keeping track of who is using the system.

Custom Advice Categories can now be created to provide additional selectable lists to job steps. See Adding a custom advice category for more information.


Limits have been update to have their own Data Admin menu for managing limit types and limit tables. This can be accessed from the menu Data Admin>Limits.

  • Limits can have a name and description and can be searched and reused. A very powerful feature when using the mobile app to record values.
  • Additionally, it is now possible to create limits with custom lists and buttons. This can be accessed from the menu Data Admin>Limits>Custom Categories.
    • The custom button list can have a variable number of buttons, have their own colour and can be configured to create a defect automatically when the button in selected.  
    • These button lists behave like a Pass / Fail in that they can be unselected if they are selected in error.

Screen Updates

For customers using the app and completing work in the field. A new Completed Work Orders - Limits table has been added under Job Management to provide visibility of results recorded. See Limits for more info. This list can be searched and exported or accessed by our API.

New features to the library area include, viewing a list of assets that have been assigned to a model of equipment. Click on the number under the connected assets to display a list of the assets assigned. Click on the site name to open that asset in a new window.

View a list of assets that have been assigned to a task associated from a library model of equipment. Click on the number under the connected assets to display a list of the assets assigned. Click on the site name to open that asset in a new window.

Outputting to MS Word

For customers who output MS Word documents. When outputting documents from within the Task WIN, the system now automatically selects the first matched site and Asset that is connected to this Task WIN. If no connected Assets are found, then Asset-specific fields will populate as blank or 0.

Updated Search features

Archived tasks are now included in the search. They are identified with a label as below and will appear at the bottom of any search list.

The WIN Builder Operation list Advanced Search has been updated to allow for a multi-select drop down option for the Manufacturer and Model field. An Exact Match checkbox is available for text searches.



Defects/Notifications can be added to a new work order for the asset selected. In the Work Order screen, click  to display the list of pending defects. The defects in the list can be

  • dragged up and down to reorder as required
  • one or more can be selected to add to the new work order
  • The operation that the defects need to be added to can be selected from the list.

Note: each defect selected will become a step in a single operation on the app.
When the added steps in the operation are marked as complete and the whole work order is completed, then the status of the defects/notification is updated to 'Complete' and they are no longer available to attach to future work orders.

Work Order Report

The Work Order report has been updated to provide feedback on the completion of every step. There is some additional development underway to provide more customised work order reports.

Image Editor Bar

The toolbar for editing images has a new icon that enables drawing a straight line.

Krackon and Mobile App Features

Additional Form Features

When using the app, the technician can at any point tap a button to easily add Feedback about the job, Report Hazard identified, Add Notification to report additional defects. This allows the technician to be able to provide more information when completing work in the field.

Job Feedback Updates

For accuracy of completing work and being able to report on job steps that can't be done, Job steps can be marked as not done on the app in two ways.

  1.  The below button is now available for single step completion to mark the step as not done.

  2. A Not Done or Done for combined step entry is provided for the end user to select.

App Navigation

The app navigation bar has some new visual features to better highlight the progress of job operations and steps. Operation bars change based on progress.

  • The operation bar with steps in progress are highlighted Yellow with a percentage complete.
  • The operation bar with all steps complete are highlighted in Green. If there is a step that was marked as not complete, the step will be red and the operation will show red text of STEPS NOT DONE
  • The operation bar with no steps started will still be grey.

Offline Mode Enhancement

The app works automatically when offline however we have found times with remote locations when there is a poor signal and the signal is dropping in and out that it may slow down the app depending on the device. To counteract this the app now has a dedicated Offline mode that can be used.

Updates under the hood

A change has been made to enable caching of PDF files of work orders on the Lobby screen so they load if the user is offline.

The Builder can accept bigger maximum uploads and work has been completed to compress / reduce photo sizes and display clearer messages regarding what errors have occurred.