Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. Updates include 

OnPlan Builder Features

New to Limits

A photo (2D Model) can be added when doing structural inspections via the app. Adding the photo in this way enables the same features as a 3D model, where the technician can mark up the image and display history of the inspection. 

See article Adding a 2D or 3D Model for more information. See article Adding a Structural Inspection Limit type on how to apply to job steps.

New limit types have been added for the following

  • Date - adds a selectable date field on the app
  • Signature - adds a  signature block for sign-off on the app
  • QR/Barcode - enables scanning of codes on the app
  • Dropdown list - add a dropdown selection on the app (custom lists can be created). See article Adding a custom limits category for more info.

New User Profile

A new user profile has been added - Site Data Reviewer - and the existing 'Reviewer' user group has been renamed to Specific Task Reviewer.

  • As a Site Data Reviewer a user will be able to see all of the sites that they are assigned to and all of the assets and Task WINs for these assets and sites. This user can open the WIN builder and red pen mark up any Task WINs for the sites they are assigned to.
  • This user group cannot access the Library, Utilities, Data Admin or Work Management areas.
  • The Site Data Reviewer profile has been developed so that anyone onsite can be assigned the role to view Task WINs in the preview mode and make red pen markup recommendations for changes.

Note: a Specific Task Reviewer can only access Task WINs that they are assigned to as a reviewer.

Strategy Task Board

An early version of the Strategy Task Board has been released to visualise and easily reorder the operations and tasks for subsequent frequencies. See articles Strategy Task Board and Strategy Module Process


Editing Defects

Defects recorded on the mobile app can now be edited in Builder Job Management. See article Edit a Defect for more information. Edits available include

  • Update the status, priority, recommended action.
  • Update text description and notes.
  • Add a defect/notification number.
  • Add parts to the defect.

Adding Parts to Defects

Parts can be added to a defect either manually or from a list. See article Adding parts to a defect

Defect lists

The defect screen now groups defects by Asset. There is a further option to create a Defect Report to view or generate the PDF report with or without the images to the defect. See article Display the defect report for an asset

Krackon and Mobile App Features

A number of bug fixes were completed for the period. App updates since last update were based on the addition of limits and adding date and signature limits.