Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. Updates include

OnPlan Builder Features

Some great new features have been added to builder. This release provides additional and improved workflows for structural inspections. See the updated Guide to Structural Inspections for more information on the updates. 

From client feedback, the drawing of cracks has now changed to marking a crack location on the image which is then given a sequential number for tracking. A crack can now be easily tracked to it's life and locations can be compared across sites, fleet, models and assets.


Limit and Crack reporting have moved from the Work Orders screen to a dedicated Reporting menu.  See Main Menu for updates to the menu.

For structural inspections, a new Crack Reporting dashboard has been added to provide an explorer type navigation and view to complete analysis.

Crack Analytics has been updated to make it easy to view and track cracks. See article Crack Analytics

A number of the data pages have been updated to have the new filter feature to assist with completing detailed analysis. You can use the search to filter the list. More than one item can be selected by holding down CTRL or SHIFT on the keyboard.


Limits is the term used in Builder for setting up the capturing of measured values and marking up 2D/3D models. See articles Managing Limits for more information. Updates include

  • Administration of limits has changed with Limits and Limit UoM now having their own administration menu. 
  • Limits can also be imported in bulk from a CSV file. Ask our support team for guidance on the import.
  • Limits can now be defined for utilisation to track usage. You can set up one limit for machine hours (SMU)  that can be used across all tasks and assets. Also feeds into the reporting module.
  • Structural inspection limits can also have a set of conditionals applied as per the below example. Based on the category criteria can be set using Equal To, Between, Greater Than or Less Than to define the acceptable value or ranges. See Setting up a condition list for more information.

Asset List

A new Asset List has been added to the Job Management menu are. The Asset List  provides a tree view to find assets and to display additional information including

  • Tree View - Navigate and search to find assets
  • Asset Information - Details for the selected asset
  • Utilisation - meter readings and hours utilisation
  • Task List - a list of the tasks for the asset.
  • Work Orders - job history, scheduled and in progress jobs for the asset.

See Asset List Navigation

OnPlan App Features

The app has had some changes under the hood to speed up loading of data and an update to the look and feel to make it even easier to use in different light conditions.

Work Orders and Defects List now appear at the bottom of the screen

The app for completing work has changed visually. The key changes include

  • buttons easier to see in different lighting conditions,
  • reference information menu (Hazards, Crew, Tools, Parts, Docs, Defects) has moved to the bottom of the app,
  • job navigation has a facelift to make it easier to navigate and see progress when doing the job