Several features have been added and several issues resolved in this latest release of OnPlan. Updates include 

OnPlan Builder Features

New to Limits


Improved Condition Limits


  • Condition limits now update crack severity ranges within the app. This allows the inspector to have immediate feedback on the crack to make an informed decision on the action required. 


See the updated Guide to Condition Limits for more information on the updates.


New to WIN Builder


Various requested features improving workflow. 

  • Numerical lists can now be added to a WIN step.


  • Suppression of Operations & Steps within WIN builder. 

  • Supressed Operations and Steps are marked as supressed on Red pen editor and are hidden from output documents and Work Orders on OnPlan App. 


  • Creating Structural Inspections now have searchable dropdowns allowing searching of 2D or 3D models. 




Significant improvements on structural inspections reporting with an intuitive access to crack history.

  • Crack Reporting updates allow for drill-down exploration of crack history by Site, Location, Model and Asset. 


Work Orders


Significant performance increase on the Work Order list page. 

A date range filter is now included for efficient searching of Work Orders scheduled from specific dates. 



Asset List


Workflow improvements can be seen across the asset list page.

  • Each individual tab on this page provides quick navigation to your chosen Asset, Work Order or Task.




OnPlan App Features


A few miscellaneous bug fixes were patched for the period. Exciting new features were included such as Crack Severity and 2D/3D model marking enhancements. 

  • Hovering over existing and new cracks are now highlighted Red for easier identification on the model. 
  • Structural Inspections with condition limits set provide immediate crack “Severity” feedback of crack ranges (Normal, Monitor, Critical) upon entering a length. 

 Selecting a crack to review also includes a Severity field for a quick overview.

  • Work Order Defects - when you click on a defect report you will be redirected to the origin step.