OnPlan Builder Features

A large focus of this release has been on creating features that allow for continuous improvement of Work Instructions with direct feedback from the field via the app. With the addition of a new user group to approve Work Orders as they are completed, provide a powerful and useful feature set on Builder. 

New to Feedback

Feedback entered on the mobile app via users in the field can now be displayed in a Feedback list in Builder. The feedback list is available in a new menu item in Builder under Job Management>Feedback. The feedback is displayed for the job step that it was created against. The feedback can be edited from the list and can be viewed on the Red Pen Live preview screen. See View red pen markup comments for more information. When the feedback is approved or reject, the status for the feedback will be updated in the list.

Feedback List Screen

Preview and Red Pen Editor Screen


The Feedback can be viewed for the Task WIN it is assigned for actioning. Click to navigate to the Task WIN to view and action the step feedback which is highlighted red.


If workflow is turned on, a alert is sent to Owner and Reviewer notifying them of the feedback left. Selecting the notification navigates directly to the WIN Builder page with a pending Red Pen comment allowing for quick actioning of the feedback provided. 

Work Order Approvals

A new Work Order Approval workflow has been built in.  This feature is by default not enabled and has been built to allow customers who require a Work Order to be reviewed and approved on completion (i.e. via a supervisor or QA) before the work order is fully complete. The feature can be enabled to a site and by assignment of a user group profile.

  • A new user group called Work Order Approver has been added and can be assigned to users. Users who are assigned this group can approve work for their assigned site. See User Profiles for an overview of each specific User Profile assignable on Builder and Adding a New User for creating accounts with this new User Group.
  • A new checkbox has been added to Assets>Sites to nominate the site that requires this feature to be enabled.

  • Once enabled, a toggle is available on the work order list in Builder and the App to Show Awaiting Approval work orders. Work Orders will have a new status of Awaiting Approval. The work order report can be reviewed to complete the approval. (See below)

Builder Approval Screen

App Work Order Screen (Approval)

Work Order reviews are done via the Job Completion Report provides a robust means of marking steps as incomplete with comments for action and the ability to either Approve or Disapprove the entire Work Order. If a work order step is rejected then the app user would be directed to the step that is rejected.

Contact your OnPlan key contact if you need further information or assistance with the work order approvals requirements.

OnPlan App Features 

A few miscellaneous bug fixes were patched for the period. Along with Builder the OnPlan App now includes Step Feedback and awaiting approval Work Order statuses. 

Step Feedback 
NOTE: The Button may display different text depending on the terminology used.

Selecting the Feedback provides additional functionality for recording and tracking feedback as previously mentioned. 

Work Order Approval

Addition of a new toggle allowing for filtering of Work Orders awaiting approval along with a new Awaiting Approval (AA) Status.