OnPlan Builder Features

Our team has been busy creating enhancements to OnPlan - and thank you for providing your input toward these improvements. We are excited to announce the introduction of:

Dynamic Tables

Dynamic tables allow users out in the field to repeatedly add as many limits as they need to capture further information. This is useful when there can be variable results to record. 

When adding a Table Limit in Builder, check the Allow app users to add rows option, and this will enable a button in the app for technicians to add more rows. The dynamically addable rows are based on the very last record found in the configured Table Limit.

Button added to the table in the app to add more rows.

New to Job Management

The Supervisor Dashboard is a recent addition to more easily get an overview of all work currently underway or scheduled within the next 7 days. It includes a more visible percentage of work order completion.

Work Instruction and other Limit improvements


Hyperlinks can now be added to Work Instruction step notes. This allows OnPlan app users to tap on any links of interest while in the field. Examples can include general policy PDF files hosted on your company Intranet.

Limit Search

Limits searching ordering has been optimised for a better user experience, where the key Limit categories remain at the top as long as possible, instead of potentially being buried below user-created limits.

Required Check-box

A new "Required” check-box has been added to each Limit - this makes limits optional or compulsory by users to complete with OnPlan app and ensures accurate record keeping when it is considered essential to record a result. 

Work Order Types

There is now a new field included within the Work Order creation for Work Order Type; there are two Work Order Types: Planned and Breakdown. When creating a new Work Order, the Work Order Type is a mandatory field to select and provides additional reporting.

The Builder Task Board for FMECA Tasks and the Red Pen Editor screen have also received restructuring, focusing on streamlining  user experience and improving speed. 


OnPlan App Features

User-specific Step Completion

OnPlan App now supports user-specific step completion, this feature allows those out in the field to mark steps as completed by themselves - even if a colleague is logged into OnPlan app. 

This opens up OnPlan app to run off one shareable device between a few crew members working together and or for situations where a crew member's device is out of power etc.

Directly clicking the Red X and Green Tick will continue to work as present without requiring any selection (and accredit the logged in OnPlan user by default).

Complex Steps

Also on Simple Steps view

The Job Progress / Completion report will reflect the specific user that completed the step.

Save to cloud

Due to customer feedback, we have added a "Save to cloud" feature which enables OnPlan app users to only save to cloud when convenient. This helps in environments where Internet may be slow or the work order is quite large. Work Orders are automatically saved when the user returns to the Work Order list screen.

In future, OnPlan will enable multi-user support and our save to cloud approach will continue to be reviewed and improved.

Edit Defects at the step level

We've added a simplified view of all defects created on a step. And these defect(s) are now easily accessible and editable from that same step.

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous App bugs.

Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.