OnPlan Builder Features

Our team has been busy creating fresh enhancements to OnPlan -  thank you for providing your input toward these improvements. We are excited to announce the introduction of:

Completion Time

You may have noticed we recently introduced the ability to see how long a Work Order has taken to complete. This feature is not officially part of this new release, but was a quiet addition recently.

Job Management > Work Orders that are completed on both Work Order List and Supervisor Dashboard screens now include a “Completed In” column providing a quick overview of the time taken to complete a Work Order. Click on the Completed toggle on the respective screens.

This is useful for planning and effective maintenance scheduling, allowing key insight into how long it takes to complete tasks.

New ways to add Work Instruction (WIN) Images

Adding images to WIN Builder steps has had the welcomed addition of uploading images by pasting a web link, in combination with the existing browse-on-pc method. This allows for images to be directly uploaded from an image URL. Even image urls from other OnPlan Work Instructions.

WIN Builder Symbols

Further symbols have been added to the insert symbol drop-downon WIN Builder for a more comprehensive list when creating work instructions requiring additional specification.

Work Order Location

On the Supervisor Dashboard and Work Order List page there is now a Location icon next to In-Progress, Awaiting Approval and Completed Work Orders that have had recent activity. Selecting the icon displays a Google Maps image of the most recently updated step location. 

OnPlan App Features

Multi-user Functionality

We are excited to announce our much-anticipated multi-user functionality in Version 3.0 of OnPlan App!

This large update enables multiple crew members to work on the same Work Order across separate devices.

Out in the field, a fitter can complete steps in trade-specific operations, simultaneously with an auto-electrician and finish the Work Order at any time without interrupting either user's workflow. 

If working with another user and any crossover of steps has occurred, for example, entering a value for a step / limit that is different to one already submitted, the multi-user prompt will appear asking whether to keep the current user's version of that value, or replace it with the other crew member's version. Built-in intelligent updating keeps this scenario to a minimum.

For a more in-depth overview, please visit the Multi-User Functionality article.


Styling Changes

Thanks to recent feedback we have further optimised the app for mobile devices by overhauling the Work Order List for better usability and speed in OnPlan App version 3.0. We have updated the layout, toggles and flow on the Work Order list screen and improved structural inspections in portrait & landscape orientations. 


Various Speed Improvements

Significant changes to how we handle loading Work Orders and store them for offline use have resulted in dramatic speed improvements. The Work Order list, along with My Jobs, Awaiting Approval and Completed filter toggles have all benefited from this and load quicker than ever. 

My Profile

Introduction of a Profile page to the OnPlan app allows users to update their details such as email, mobile, password and preferred language all without leaving the app. 

Completed By

User initials are now added to all completed steps in a Work Order to show who completed the step. User initials are also included in the Job Progress Report, allowing for an overview of steps remaining when working with other team members.

Limit History

Work Orders created from the same Asset with previously completed step limits now show a limit history on each Work Order Step. Select theicon to view the limit history. 

New to Defects on App

Defects created in the "simple steps" view, now auto-fills the description with a snippet of the step's text. The step drop-down is also now pre-selected with the appropriate step. This is extremely useful to determine not only the step that the added defect relates to, but also streamlines defect creation by only requiring Notes and Photos to be added.

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous App bugs.


Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.