OnPlan Builder Features

The OnPlan team has been busy creating enhancements to OnPlan - thank you for providing your input toward these improvements. We are excited to announce the introduction of:

Improvements to Home Screen

The Home Screen now showcases a tailored experience for the user, depending on their assigned user role(s). 

The content displayed will tailor toward what is assigned, including the different tabs / options available to view (Tasks To Review, Red Pens to Review, Work Orders to Review) for a more streamlined experience with critical attention items available to view right after logging in. 

Auto-Assign Work Order Number 

Sites now have the option to ‘Auto-Assign’ a Work Order Number using a randomly generated pre-set value stored on OnPlan (E.g. ONP000580). This feature is useful for a more uniformed naming structure and easy referencing where OnPlan auto-generated Work Order Numbers are suitable for your use case.

Automated PDF Work Order Completion Report Email

Staff, including non-OnPlan users, can now be emailed Job Completion reports as soon as jobs / Work Orders have been completed. This removes the need to login into Builder, provides the relevant management with comprehensive reports of Works completed on the fly, and allows for more flexibility. 

To turn this feature on simply visit Assets > Edit Site and select 'Send Work Order Completion Report to Users' then edit the recipient list with crew who you wish to receive the email. Users are configurable per site.

View All Tasks 

A ‘View All Tasks’ button has been added to the Library screen which displays all Models and their relevant Tasks in easy to view drop-down groupings. This makes it easier to get a global view of all Equipment models and related WIN tasks.

Filters are also available to assist in narrowing down search criteria based on Status, Model and Owner.  

Limits Modifications

Structural Inspections Location ID field has received a name update, now called Position Code. This is used on steps to advance crack history, configurable within Data Admin > Limits > Position Codes

Position Code is an optional field on other Limit types. If you wish to retain Location ID instead of new labelling please contact your OnPlan Account Manager to organise this for you. 

2FA Authentication on Builder 

Security is paramount to us at OnPlan, that is why we now have an account option to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). This feature requires the standard ‘Username’, ‘Password’ combination to be entered and a ‘2FA Code’. 

Once all the required information has been inputted the user will then be logged on to access Builder. 2FA codes are sent via email and need to be entered within 5mins, otherwise they expire, and a new code needs to be generated.

AI has been introduced to OnPlan - Work Order Duration Prediction

Understanding the required Duration for planned maintenance can be crucial to day-to-day management. We have implemented machine learning to predict a Work Order duration based on previous Work Order completion trends. This value is displayed on the Work Order creation menu and over-time will reflect and accurately predict duration times.

We look forward to providing more AI-driven data inputs in future and welcome your input.

Maps 2.0

The Location Map within Job Management > Work Orders & Supervisor Dashboard has had various improvements to include more information. A dedicated section on the Supervisor Dashboard has a drop-down tool to select sites of interest, showing completion percentages of work orders on those site(s) and colour coding for Work Order Status.

This provides a good visual overview of what is happening at your sites of interest.

Defects Screen

The Defects Tab has been moved from the Work Orders page to a dedicated Defects screen which can be found under Job Management> Defects. Providing all of the same great features as before with streamlined experience to manage / view Defects and faster load times on the Work Order screen.


Crack Dashboard Updates

The Crack Dashboard now has From and To Date filters which can be applied to narrow down the Crack Data results within specific date ranges. A Status dropdown selection has also been implemented which excludes Repaired cracks from displaying by default, to view Repaired Crack's select 'Repaired' from the drop-down. 

Operation List Hide/Show 

You can now expand or hide the Operations List on the WIN Builder screen to provide more screen real estate when editing Work Instructions. 

Asset Archiving

There is now a checkbox available when editing an existing Asset to mark an asset as being disposed or retired from the fleet. To archive an asset simply select the 'Asset is Disposed?' checkbox and it will be archived, if you wish to view archived Assets, select the 'Include Disposed Assets' filter. 

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous OnPlan App bugs. A full App release will be pushed out in the coming weeks to implement exciting new features. 


Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.