OnPlan Builder Features


Exciting new functionality has been delivered into Builder and OnPlan App in this release - allowing for smart Work Orders, enabling crews to adapt to potential situations that can occur in the field.

Nested Operation Limits 

Provides the ability for smart Work Orders, essentially allowing specific answers / options to navigate app users to pre-designated Operations. Much like a decision tree, the outcome (operations & steps) completed by the user can be completely different based on the data entered (specifically Button Lists & Dropdown Limits at this time). 

An example may be of a crew member recording a heat gage value that requires additional steps if the value recorded is outside normal expectations. OnPlan app now supports this concept for Work Orders, as user-configured in Builder.

Nested Operation Limits can only be placed on the last step of an operation currently. To create a Nested Operation Limit, simply navigate to WIN Builder, select the ‘Limit Category’ drop-down, and choose either ‘Button List’ or ‘Dropdown List’ from the Limits available. 

After choosing the Limit: Select ‘Advanced Limit Configuration’ and within the editor you may select the ‘Action’ for each pre-set Question (default Button List / Dropdown List values are A, B, C, D, custom questions can be created within Data Admin > Limits > Custom Categories). There are 3 Actions that can be selected ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Raise Defect’ and ‘Go to Operation’. 

Do Nothing – Saves and displays the selection (As per standard Button List limit).

Raise Defect – Saves and displays the selection (On App brings up the Failure Defect Form to record a Defect).

Go to Operation – Saves and displays the selection (On App navigates user to the now inserted operation (operation selected in Advanced Limits Configuration).

The simple use above allows for a deep range of strategy to be implemented.

Once the selections have been made select ‘Update’ to save all changes.  


OnPlan App Features

App UI / UX changes

Various improvements have been made to the OnPlan App Work Orders list screen and within Work Orders. Aiming to streamline App usability, and improve the look and feel here's what's new -


  • Redundant Header information has been removed and an upgraded title bar applied. 


  • Checkboxes replaced by buttons for Done / Not Done



  • Enhanced step presentation with rounded borders and separation


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  • User selection replaced by profile icon with user initials and drop-down


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Nested Operation Limits

As mentioned above, smart Work Orders allow for more strategic options for crews to handle odd situations while on the job.

Work Instructions created in Builder with Nested Operation Limits that have been pre-configured with the advanced limit configuration feature, allow specific answers to result in a certain outcome. 

This is especially useful as it reduces the volume of Operations required to be setup on Builder that a technician using OnPlan App would otherwise have to click past if a particular scenario did not occur.

Example scenario:

 Step 1: A two-option (yes/no) Button List limit described as "Oil level is above 5 Litres" would have to include an additional Operation(s) or steps to include additional steps for crew to follow to refill the Oil, if the Oil level is too low, adding additional screens / text.

With Nested Operation Limits, a two-option (yes/no) Button List limit  could be configured (from WIN Builder) with the "Yes" option set as "Do Nothing" - moving the app user along to the next Operation (e.g. "Oil Cooler Gasket"), while the "No" option could be configured with the “Go To Operation” feature so the app user is sent to a "Refill the Oil" operation before proceeding to the "Oil Cooler Gasket" operation. 


Repaired Cracks

Repaired Cracks now allow photos to be taken after the new Crack Status ‘Repaired’ has been selected. 

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Work Order URLs

For easier integration into third party systems, OnPlan app now enables Work Orders to be opened based on URL. 

Example – https://mobile.onplan.app:3004 /workorder.html?id=59

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The ability to create Work Orders (Useful with Third Party Systems) has also been included with this feature allowing a URL link to trigger a Work Order creation. 

Example – https://mobile.onplan.app:3004/createworkorder?workorder=ONP01234&assetId=12345&taskId-1234&type=breakdown 

If you would like to make use of this feature or find out more information, please contact your OnPlan Account Manager to assist. 

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous OnPlan App bugs. 

Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.