Release 20220618

OnPlan Builder Features

Crack Dashboard Enhancements

The Crack Dashboard has received several improvements

  • Tree View displays Assets by Class level in the tree view along with crack graph updates and the addition of a 'Site Mode' toggle.

  • Edit Crack functionality has been added to the Dashboard, enabling the change of Crack statuses and Actions required. This is useful to update incorrect Crack information that was taken in the field, without having to create a new Work Order to update these details.

Archiving Work Orders

Once an Asset has been disposed / decommissioned, existing ‘In-Progress’ Work Orders can now be ‘Archived’ and ‘Not Started’ Work Orders deleted. This functionality is now available within the Job Management > Work Orders page.

Public and Private Job Completion Reports

A new Administrator option under Advanced Settings has been added to choose whether Job Completion reports (Job Completion PDF reports) require users to login to OnPlan to view them or if they are accessible publicly. 

If this setting is enabled, the report links are public meaning that they can be shared to users external to OnPlan. This is useful if you require external viewing of Reports, or between staff who do not have OnPlan accounts.

Job Completion Email Refinement

The Job Completion Report email notification has seen the addition of new fields, layout, and content for more relevant information and ease of viewing.

WIN Output Document Updates

When outputting WIN Documents there are now three options to choose from: doc, docx and PDF. To configure / select a Template Option, navigate to Assets > Select a Site then open the Template Options tab.  

New to Advanced Limit Configuration

Improved operations search ability within the Advanced Limit configuration menu found on WIN Builder. Selecting the ‘Limit Operation Filter’ allows you indicate a specific Manufacturer, Model and Type (Any, Mobile, Fixed Plant, Both) to reduce available results. The operations available within the drop-down are then filtered to this criterion.

View All Task Page Improvements

Further streamlining has been added to the View All Task’s page now with the added hyperlink ability assists in navigating straight to the Task.  Accessible from the Library page.

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous Builder bugs.



OnPlan App Features

Crack Updates Handling

Cracks that are marked as ‘Repaired’ are now automatically set to the Crack ‘Action’ of ‘No Action’ so it’s more obvious in various reports that the crack requires no further effort. 

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous App bugs including Photo / camera related bug fixes for iPad and Android devices.


Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.