OnPlan Builder Features

The OnPlan team has been busy implementing exciting new features - which have now been released.

New Customer Portal screen

The customer portal has been designed as a central means to access all crucial data for users that have been assigned the new ‘Customer’ role, by an Administrator. 

This encompassing portal allows your internal or external customers to access read-only versions of Work Order / Structural Inspection reports and Defects relating to their Site or Assets. Also included, is the ability for your customers to generate and download a .docx or pdf of any relevant Work Instructions that may have been developed for them. 

Structural Inspection Overhaul

An exciting range of new Structural Inspection Limits are now available to be configured in WIN Builder which extends existing Inspection capabilities with OnPlan App.

Structural Inspection Types now supported by OnPlan now include -

  • Inspection - Crack (formally 'Structural Inspection')
  • Inspection - Wear - new
  • Inspection - Leak - new 
  • Inspection - Temperature - new 
  • Inspection - Other Defect - new (for "unspecified" defects you still wish to mark on a 2D or 3D model)

Reporting pages previously displaying all crack data, have now been rebadged to incorporate these new Inspection Types. The Structural Inspection Dashboard, Structural Inspection Data and Structural Inspection Analytics screens have been updated and can all be found under the Reporting menu within Builder. 

A thorough overview of these new Inspection limit types, configuration options and examples of how they can be implemented can be accessed in our Guides to creating Inspections using Limits.

Parent Sites and Assets

New to Builder is the ability to add “sub sites” to a “Parent” site, this enables immediately making connections of site relations. An example could be of zoning particular areas of a very large area into smaller sub-areas.

This feature has also been included on the Assets page, allowing Assets to be children of a Parent Asset providing endless connection options. An example configuration, a Bucket (child Asset) sets its Parent Asset to an Excavator, allowing the Bucket to be shifted to various machinery over it's life, while keeping all it's inspection / work order history against it, intact.


View All Tasks Screen

The screen under Library > View All Tasks has received some useful additions -  

  • Document Status Bulk Update
    • Selecting multiple Task rows then selecting ‘Edit’ allows users to bulk change the status of many Tasks to a different status. I.e. Not Started, In Progress, Draft, Level 1 Review 1, Level 2 Review, Approved.
  • Additional Filters 

A set of new filters has been included which now enables filtering by Status, Owner and Model. 


WIN Builder Automatic Document Status Management

New WIN tasks created within Builder are now automatically transitioned from Status ‘Not Started’ to ‘In Progress’ when a new operation is added to the WIN Document. This feature assists in keeping document statuses up to date and ensures they are aligned with the content.

Work Order List Filters 

Job Management> Work Orders has received a new set of filters in-place of switch toggles, allowing filtering of search results by - 

  1. Equipment -  Allows you to select a specific asset to find work orders for.
  2. Work Order Status – Select from Approved, Awaiting Approval, Complete, Disapproved, In-Progress and Not Started.
  3. Scheduled From and To dates. 

Job Completion Report Update

The Job Completion Report PDF now shows who completed each step, rather than just an icon providing better insight into crew completing steps.

OnPlan App Features

Improved Work Order Filter Menu

We are excited to announce our new Work Order list filter menu - which now provides a more granular, easy-to-use way to narrow down search results to relevant work orders.

 The filters available are – 

  1. My Jobs (Filters Work Orders that your listed as a crew member on).
  2.  Asset – Allows you to select a specific asset to find work orders for.
  3. Work Order Status – Select from Approved, Awaiting Approval, Complete, Disapproved, In-Progress and Not Started.

Also added is the ability to filter by Scheduled From and To dates. All these filters can be stacked to provide a streamlined search function to find specific Work Orders. 

Tardigrade mode

Our team has been busy in the background, creating a new hardened approach to saving saving Work Orders to the Cloud at locations with unpredictable Internet, that can cut in and out, ensuring OnPlan App can work in all situations - good Internet, bad Internet, no Internet. Tardigrade mode can be enabled by your OnPlan Account manager, and will assist in these situations by queueing up photos and Work Order data. This ensures that each photo is uploaded successfully despite Internet being unstable, and in the event of Internet cutting out, it will continue saving from where it left off. 

Structural Inspection Updates

The addition of new Structural Inspection Types available within Builder, required OnPlan App to receive updates to the Structural Inspection's component to display the new Structural Inspection Types for 2D/3D Models. 

Inspection - Crack 

Inspection -  Leak

Inspection -  Wear

Inspection -  Temperature

Inspection -  Other Defect 

During this period, we also fixed a few miscellaneous OnPlan Builder & App bugs.

Please contact the OnPlan team for any questions.