Once a Work Order is started the screen content will vary depending on the instructions and information that has been added in OnPlan Builder.

Left Bar - Tap each tab to view the individual information for Results, Crew, Tools, Docs (procedures and permits) and Notifications created within this work order.
Note: The Results tab only appears when a job step requires a result recorded.
Step Navigation Bar - Tap on the text to navigate to the group of steps (Builder Operation). Tap the dot to navigate to the job steps. The dot for the step you are on will appear bigger.
 Yellow Dot = step in progress

   Grey Dot    = step not started
   Green Dot  = step complete

Swipe right or left to move through the list of job steps.
The progress bar provides feedback to how far through the work order is.
Step Complete - Navigate job one step at a time steps by tapping , tap on   to complete a job step and move to the next job step.

Feedback Bar - Tap   to add notes, tap  to add notifications, tap  to report a hazard, and tap  to mark the step as incomplete if completed incorrectly.