This article defines how cracks are managed in the system by a user selection action and system generated actions. The user generated are actions by a user in the mobile app.

1 Severity is an indicator of Status = Repair. The user can set any status for any severity level.

2 Only Cracks requiring repair show in the defects list – others managed through cracks area only.

Definition of Defect = Requires maintenance action [] therefore monitor is not shown as a defect in reports.

Cracks Properties


  • Entered as a value
  • Length of crack can be linked to Severity.
  • User can not set the severity it is derived from the length.
  • Severity is defined in Limits as a limit type ‘Condition List’

Severity Example

  • Based on a user defined limit (optional)
    1. < 10mm
    2. 10mm < & < 25mm
    3. 25mm < & < 50mm
    4. > 50mm


  • Repair
  • Monitor
  • No Action (only available for selection for repaired cracks)


  • New [Set automatically for new cracks]
  • Grown
  • Static
  • Repaired
  • Not Inspected)


  • P1 – Urgent (24 Hours)
  • P2 – High (7 days)
  • P3 – Medium (30 days)
  • P4 – Low (3 months)


New Crack

User to enter the following parameters.

  • Description (Mandatory) – should be name of location (ie track frame etc.)
  • Length à Determines Severity if linked to limit
  • Priority (Hidden / Not applicable)
  • Action     à Monitor (Default)

à Repair à Unhide Priority Dropdown (Default P3 - 30 days)

  • Photos (Can set minimum number to take – 0, 1, 2 etc.)


Existing Crack


  • Length (Default = 0)
  • Priority (Hidden)
  • Action (Hidden – system set to No Action)


  • Length     à Determines Severity if linked to limit
  • Action     à Repair à Unhide Priority Dropdown (Default P3 - 30 days). Save record with new ID.

à Monitor à save record with new ID

Static à save record with new ID, no user action. Other data remains the same.

Not Inspected à Save record with new ID, no user action. Other data remains the same. This is the default if the user does not select one of the available options. Still creates an recorded to indicate it was in the inspection.