The Crack Dashboard provides an explorer type selection, summary crack information and details.

Model Explorer

A hierarchy structure is provide to navigate from the model of equipment to the related site(s) and assets.  There is a search provided to easily filter the list. Click on the  model, site or asset to filter the dashboard and  crack details.

 DashboardThe dashboard is filtered using the Model Explorer. Summary data is provided based on selection for 
  • Number of Cracks
  • Cracks needing Repair
  • Cracks being monitored
  • Length of cracks (Total) for selection.

Cracks are also displayed in a chart for the number of cracks and total length. The chart can be displayed by Site, Asset and Location to complete comparative analysis.

 Crack DetailThe history of the cracks from the selection is displayed in the list.  This list can be filtered for Repair Only or a search completed.