1. Navigate to the WIN task job details page. Click to navigate to the Fluids List screen. Click to add a new fluid and compartment. The Add Fluid is displayed.

  2. Select a common fluid from the Use a common fluid drop down list. If no common fluid is available, leave the field blank. Complete the following fields to add a fluid to the list of the WIN Task header list
    • Compartment – Enter the compartment i.e. Gearbox, Hydraulic Tank.
    • Type – Populated if a common fluid is selected or enter new type.

  3. Capacity – Enter the capacity of the compartment and/or system in Litres (l)
    Click on  to add the procedure(s) to the list.

    Note:   New common fluids can be updated via Data Admin>Fluids in the menu.

                Fluids are able to be selected and added to the job step from the Advice dropdown.

                The software can map a common fluid to a specific manufacturer type on the output.