Once an operation has been created, it is now able to be searched and reused. The operation can be used in 2 ways

  1. Added and keep linked if it exactly the same set of instructions.
  2. Copied and update to reflect the variation in the instructions. 

See below for how to search and add operations in both these ways.

1. Add an Operation and keep linked

Search the operation, left click on the operation and drag and drop it in the work instruction area

NOTE: When operations are linked they will become locked to prevent accidental editing. This is shown by the toggle on the operation  with the number representing the number of linked task. The operation needs to be unlocked to edit the job steps.

2. Add an Operation and make a copy

Search the operation and then hold down CTRL on the keyboard before you drop the operation in the Work Instruction area. When you hold down CTRL the icon displayed on the mouse pointer will change from to

NOTE: Operations can be copied within the same work instruction.