An existing fluid can also be updated by simply checking the fluid checkbox and selecting the "Edit" button, make the required changes & click "update". Remembering any change to this fluid will affect everywhere it is used.

Fluid capacities for compartments can be added to Builder in Work Instruction Steps. Fluid capacities added to a Work Instruction will be available in all Work Instructions for a participle Model.

Fluid capacities should always be added as an Advice in a Step when filling or draining fluids.

Fluid capacities are defined by three (3) fields:

CompartmentThe component or system that contains the fluids. Examples include Gearbox, Hydraulic System etc. It may be necessary to use and extended description of the compartment to cater for specific used cases. i.e. Hydraulic System Including Tank and Hydraulic System Excluding Tank.

TypeThe fluid type, typically the viscosity rating or general description of the fluid. Brand names do not need to be specified such as Rimula X. If sites require branded fluids on work instruction documents, this can be mapped to the generic fluid at the time of document output. Examples of the fluid type include 15W40, SAE30, Coolant, Water.

QuantityThe capacity of the fluid component in Litres. If a different unit of measure is required by the site, this can be specified in the document output.