Builder has a number of ways to search for information. Most screens have a search and find feature at the top right hand corner of the screen. There are also two different types of table searches to search and add a single value and to search and add multiple values.

Search and find

Builder contains a powerful search function that searches text in any order and will filter down a large list. The search box   is available on the top right of all screens. Simply enter and delete text as required to filter the list.

Searching and adding from a table list

Other search features are available when adding information from tables. On the work instruction job step level, when adding advices for notes, hazard's, stop and halts, weights, fluids, etc., you can search to find and return the appropriate information.

Searching and adding multiple entries from a table list

Some tables allow search and entry of multiple entries. These tables are generally evident by having to click on the create button to add the information.