The Search & Replace is an Admin Function that allows you to find and change text across multiple Task Names, Operation Names, Step Instructions and Strategy Types. A task link is also provided to navigate to the task. This feature can also be used to find text used across the database.

Navigate to Builder Settings Menu > Search & Replace. The Search & Replace screen will be displayed.

  • Search / Replace By - Select either Operation Name, Step Instruction, Task Name or Strategy Editor from the list for the field that requires searching.

  • Edit Strategy Type (Appears on Strategy Editor Search / Replace only) - Select the Strategy Type either Functional Description, Effect Description, Task Details, Grouping Category or Comments. 

  • Equipment Type - Select the type of operation from the list to restrict the search or leave blank to search all.

  • Find Text - Enter the text to be searched.

  • Replace Text - Enter the text to be replaced. Leave blank if there is no text to be replaced. 

  • In the "Search / Replace By" drop down, select Operation Name, Step Instruction, Task Name or Strategy Editor.
  • The Equipment Types that are available to filter by are "Any", "Mobile", "Fixed Plant" and "Both". Select the appropriate Equipment Type.
  • Enter the text you want to find and what you want to replace it with and select .

You can run a search and navigate to the task to edit the task details individually.

  1. Select the checkboxes which correspond to the tasks which you want to change, click  to replace the text for the number of items selected.
  2. Click  to navigate to the task to view and edit the task details.