Before creating WIN Documents in Builder there are some basic data elements that need to be created including

  1. Manufacturer - A Manufacturer in Builder can be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or it can be a reference to a plant area or process. It is used to provide a logically grouping of Tasks, WIN Documents and Task BOM's.
    Refer to Adding a Manufacturer for more information
  2. Model / Equipment Grouping -  is the term used to group and assign a series of Task WIN documents. A model can be a singular specific model of equipment or it can be a specific plant area or process. 
    Refer to Create a New Model for more information.
  3. Sites - Sites are a logical grouping of assets. These can be based on physical boundaries or responsibilities.
  4. Assets - One or more physical assets that are assigned to a site. Assets have a Model / Equipment Group assigned  logically building WIN documents.

Refer to the below process as a guide to setting the basic data elements prior to building Task WIN Documents.