Limits is the OnPlan term for setting up and capturing data in a structured way.

Limits are typically used when

  • a defined measurement reading is to be taken i.e. SMU hours, wear measurements, etc

  • a condition needs to acknowledged i.e. pass/fail, yes/no

  • a signature or date of acceptance

Limits can be added directly to job steps or via the Admin limits menu.

When a limit is created, OnPlan will generate an ID number. For the limit to have meaning, a limit can have a name and description assigned.

The ID, Name and Description can be searched and reused in many places i.e. SMU hours, brake pad wear, magnetic plug particle condition, etc. See article Limit Workflow for Reporting as a guide to how limits are used.

OnPlan has limit options built in to record a lot of different types of results. See Types of Limits for information. Custom limits can also be  created, see Adding a custom limits category for information.