Work Order Feedback on Builder displays Feedback entered on the mobile app. The Feedback list is available in a new menu item in Builder Under Job Management>Feedback

Feedback is displayed for the job step that it was created against and allows for editing directly from the list and can also be viewed on the Red Pen live preview screen. See View Red Pen Markup comments for further information on creating Red Pen comments.  Once the Feedback has been approved or rejected the status for the Feedback will be updated in the list. 

Feedback List Screen

Red Pen Editor Preview Screen

The Feedback can be viewed for the Task WIN it is assigned for actioning. Click to navigate to the Task WIN to view and action the step feedback which is highlighted red.


If workflow is turned on, an alert is sent to Owner and Reviewer notifying them of the feedback left. Selecting the notification navigates directly to the WIN Builder page with a pending Red Pen comment allowing for quick actioning of the feedback provided.