OnPlan supports local account management and Single Sign-On functionality where your company manages your user account.

When OnPlan recognises your email address, it will redirect you to your company-managed authentication screen so you can sign in via SSO, if SSO was setup, otherwise you login via OnPlan's built-in account management authentication.

For Single Sign-On users, your company will have chosen to manage authentication for IT management purposes, and you will be redirected in that case. You may be provided a special login URL to access OnPlan. 

If you believe you are using a company-authenticated login to access OnPlan, but OnPlan does not appear to recognise your login, please click on the "Use SSO" Button and then type in your company name, and this will allow OnPlan to identify which company you are attempting to login for. If successful, this will redirect you to your company's authentication area to log you into OnPlan.