Nested Operation Limits 

Provides the ability for Smart Work Orders, essentially allowing specific answers / options to navigate app users to pre-set operations. Much like a decision tree, the outcome (operations & steps) completed by the user can be completely different based on the data entered (Button Lists & Dropdown Limits only at this time). 

Creating a Nested Operation Limit

Nested Operation Limits can only be placed on the last step of an operation currently.

To create a Nested Limit, simply navigate to WIN Builder, select the ‘Limit Category’ drop-down, and choose either ‘Button List’ or ‘Dropdown List’ from the Limits available. 

Then select .

Within the editor you may select the ‘Action’ for each pre-set Question (default Button List / Dropdown List values are A, B, C, D). There are 3 Actions that can be selected when configuring ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Raise Defect’ and ‘Go to Operation’. 

See Adding a Custom Limit Category  to create a custom button list or dropdown list.

Simply select the drop-down to set an Action. 

After all selections have been made and you are satisfied with the configuration select  to save all changes. 

Advanced limit configuration allows for a deep range of strategy to be implemented. Speak with your OnPlan Account Manager for strategy assistance. 

Example App Display

Do Nothing – Saves and displays the selection (As per standard Button List limit).

Raise Defect – Saves and displays the selection (On App brings up the Failure Defect Form to record a Defect).

Go to Operation – Saves and displays the selection (On App navigates user to the now inserted operation (operation configured in Advanced Limits Configuration).