This guide shows how to add a structural inspection limit and to select and mark up an image. Navigate to Data Admin>Limit to access the Limits Admin screen.

  1. Click NEW to create a new limit
  2. Limit Category - Select Structural Inspection
  3. Name - Enter a name for the limit
  4. Description - Enter a name for the limit
  5. Location ID - Enter a Location ID for the limit (Displayed on analytics reports)
  6. Location Description - Enter a Description for the Location ID for the limit (Displayed on analytics reports) 
  7. Open Structural Inspection Model - Click to select the file to use
  8. Structural Model File - Type to search for a file and select the file.
  9. Markup 2D Model - Click to display the image markup editor. See article Image Editor Tool Bar for more info on marking up images.
  10. Click SAVE to save the mark ups and click CREATE to save the Structural Inspection Limit.

NOTE: An image file is required before completing this instruction. 
      See article Adding a 2D (Photo) or 3D Model