A tool or equipment are devices used to assist in the task. The functionality for Tools varies to the other Additional Information as a Tool not only can be searched but new tools can be added directly.

Note: Always search the tool and equipment list before creating a new tool or equipment. Try different colloquial terms that could be used for the tool.

 Note: Tool numbers and descriptions can be updated via Data Admin>Tools in the menu. 

Use the following a guide as to when tools should be selected to add to a WIN.

Hand tools
Tools that would be expected to be in a standard trade toolbox.
Recommended NOT to be listed
Larger Tools/ Equipment
Tools that wouldn’t be considered as standards personal tools, tools that would generally be found in a workshop tool store.
Should be listed but no part number
OEM Specific Tools
Very specific tools that are only available through the OEM and a generic brand alternative is not available.
Should be listed with part number