Messages / Alerts are system generated when the user has been assigned as the task owner or reviewer. Alerts are generated for

  • a comment has been created in chat message
  • the status of a WIN Task is pending approval or has been approved or rejected
  • red pen mark ups are available for actioning for a Task WIN.
  • red pen mark ups have been approved or rejected. 

When you have new Messages / Alerts, a red number   displaying the number of alerts will appear. The alerts can be canceled or the task can be clicked on to navigate to the Task WIN that requires actioning.

See the following to access your alerts and navigate to a WIN. Once actioned the message count will change. 

The Messages / Alerts popup has the following features

  • Click on the Task WIN Name to navigate to the Task WIN
  • Click  to clear all notifications.
  • Click  to clear selective notifications.
  • Click to close the Notifications pop-up.