The Assets tab allows users to control which Task WIN's are assigned to Assets. Task WIN's can be connected or disconnected from an Asset, with the Task WINs sourced from the Model of an Asset. For example a Caterpillar 789D Asset, will display all available Task WINs for the 789D Model in the Unconnected Tasks tab. The total Task WINs connected to an Asset can be also be viewed from the Assets List or Task List.

Viewing and connecting a Task from an Asset

The number of connected Task WINs attached to the Asset, is displayed on the right hand side of the page in the 'Connected Tasks' column. 

To connect Task WINs from the Assets list, follow the below to connect an Unconnected Task WIN to an Asset.

NOTE: Multiple tasks can be selected, Hold down CTRL when clicking to select individual task or click on one task and hold down SHIFT to select all tasks in the range.

Viewing and attaching an Asset from the Task List

The total number of connected Assets is displayed on the right hand side of the Task List tab.

Connected Assets can be managed for each Task, by the 'Manage Connected Assets' button on the tools bar at the top of the page. Selecting 'Attach Asset(s)' button on the Connected Assets popup, allows you to select which Assets you would like to attach to the selected Task WIN.

To view the Task List and connect an Asset to a Task WIN follow the below.

NOTE: If you wish to view all Assets available on the site, simply select the 'Show All Assets on Site' checkbox. This will remove the default filtering of Assets relating to the Task Model only, and display all Assets.