Task Grouping Drop Down menu

The Task Grouping can be changed using the Dropdown menu in the action bar above the table. Three options are available. 

Group By: System / Component

Group by System / Component shows the functional structure of the asset. The second level headings (shown with a > next to the title) will expand on click showing the grouped tasks.

Group By: Frequency

Group by frequency helps show which tasks will be grouped together into documents. The Frequency headings will expand with clicks showing the tasks within.


Group By: None

Selecting 'None' will remove the Grouping category. 

With the grouping removed, each table column can be sorted by clicking the double arrows next to the desired sort column. The sorting can be useful for quickly reviewing tasks in the table. For example, sorting by Task Type will show all Component Change Out tasks to see if they are flagged as Strategy Tasks or not.  

The diagram below shows the table with the Group By: None option selected.