When 3D files are loaded into builder a work order is created to execute the work on the Mobile App. The defects and cracks entered via the application can be viewed via the analytics.

Select the information required to complete the analysis including:

  • Select Structures to display the 3D model used for the inspection and all reported cracks.
  • Select Plant Unit to display a specific asset and the reported crack associated.
  • Select LocationID to display the location identified in Task WIN Document.
  • Select From - To to limit the selection by a date range.


Select a LocationID only to display the cracks for a specific location across all machines.

Hover over the Crack History: Crack and the selected crack text will be highlighted blue and the crack on the model will change from pink to white.

A red mark on the 3D model represents a defect that has been created.
A pink line on the 3D model represents a crack that has been drawn.
A white line on the 3D model represents a drawn crack being selected.