The Builder menu is available after logging in and is the main navigation for the builder tool, located on the left side of the screen. 

If the menu is not visible on the screen you are working in, click  at the top left of the screen your working in to unhide the menu.

The Home Page icon displays the dashboard. This provides an overview of statistics, recent sites and work instructions.
The Assets/Site Data icon provides navigation to build and/or output WIN's. Functions include:
  • Asset/Functional Location List
  • Site Details
  • Template Options
  • Content Mapping
  • Job Operation Mapping
The Library/Base Data icon provides navigation to add models of equipment and to create and update the work instruction tasks. Tasks are assigned to each equipment model and/or process area. WIN documents are built to each of the tasks.
Click the Utilities icon to find the sub menus for:
  • Image Converter - HME image importer.
  • Document Importer Import microsoft word documents.
Click the Data Admin icon to find the sub menus to add and edit field data for:
  • Advice's - Create, edit, delete and list Hazards & Controls, Information, Stop/Halt advice's.
  • Files - Create, edit, delete and list 3D models for use.
  • Fluids - Create, edit, delete and list specifications and types.
  • Lookup Table - Create, edit, delete and list limit options, results, table templates and units of measure (UoM).
  • Manufacturers - Create, edit, delete and list OEM, Site, Process Area, Plant Areas.
  • Parts - Create, edit, delete and list parts.
  • Permits - Create, edit, delete and list permits.
  • PPE - Create, edit, delete and list PPE.
  • Procedures - Create, edit, delete and list procedures and standards.
  • Skills - Create, edit, delete and list skills and resources.
  • Tools - Create, edit, delete and list tooling.
Click the Job Management icon to find the sub menus for:
  • Work Order Add, edit, delete Work Orders, view notifications/defects and cracks.
  • Tracking Dashboard - View the progress of work orders.
  • Crack Analytics - Analyse structural inspection history
  • Open Mobile App (web) - to open the mobile app in the desktop.
Click Help to find help and to report a bug or suggest a feature.